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MEI understands the everyday struggles people go through that suffer from ME. Our volunteers and many on the board suffer from ME as well. Our goals are not only to be an agent of advocacy for ME but to help individuals as well. This illness has a tendency to create isolation for many and the lack of recognition and programs to assist sufferers only compounds this struggle. For this reason, we institute programs that help individuals develop strategies for more self-reliance when possible and develop relationships with other members to help alleviate their isolation.

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MEI Chat Rooms

In accordance with our mission statement and desire to add real life benefits to our members, we have started chat rooms on our Facebook page so members can socialize with one another. Isolation and loneliness are a persistent problem for many chronic illnesses but can be a profound problem for many ME patients. It is our hope that this effort will allow our members to nurture friendships with one another. We encourage all members to spend some time in these chat rooms. Sometimes a sympathetic ear can make all the difference in your day. 

Become a member of the “MEI Chat Room” FB group.

Once you are a member, just click a link to enter a room.  Links will be posted as rooms open.

Please fill out the poll on the MEI Chat Room post to help us know what hours works best for everyone.

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What our visitors are saying:

The MEI chat room was so delightful. Meeting new members and learning so much was an amazing experience. A higher level of coping with this disease is one of the many things I took from the chat room. I definitely feel a lot less lonely after our chats !! The chat room allows me to share with others at home what was talked about therefore feeling like I make a contribution in a social setting.

BRAVO to those who came up with this idea of a MEI Chat Room !!!         -Deana Kelley


It was lovely to ‘pop in’ last night; I will try to manage the Tuesday afternoon chat as Heather suggested, as the time will work better for me in the UK. Brilliant idea!    -Linda Coy


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Pulse Oximeter Program

The ME International board of directors is currently providing a Pulse Oximeter free of charge to its members that need one. The use of a Pulse Oximeter can be especially useful for people with ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis). From the ME IC Primer: “A heart rate monitor can assist in keeping cardiovascular responses below the anaerobic threshold, resting heart rate is elevated in people with ME, and low blood volume can lead to elevated heart rate.” It helps to understand how ME affects the heart rate, therefore, we will provide a flyer with each Pulse Oximeter that will describe the importance of measuring heart rate for people with ME, and how to properly track it.

Please help us with this project so as many of our members as possible can better manage their activity and heart rate. Every donation to this fundraiser is intended to purchase and distribute the Pulse Oximeters. All donations made will be much appreciated. ME International board members, volunteers and staff receive no compensation for their services. Please DONATE BELOW now. We thank you for your consideration.

For pulse oximeter users, please see the following article: Pulse Oximeter Accuracy and Limitations: FDA Safety Communication (21 June 2022)

ME International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit all-volunteer organization, founded in November 2019. All donations from US citizens are tax deductible as allowed by law. — EIN 84-3568066
NOTE: If you are a member of ME International and would like a pulse oximeter, please send a request email to along with your name and shipping address.



I would just like to say a very big thank you for the Pulse Oximeter that I have received today. It will assist me enormously with observing my heart rate and oxygen levels throughout the day and taking a break when needed. I think this is a great donation for those suffering with ME.
Claire H.

… the pulse oximeter already is helping me, thank you so very much! I am very grateful for this generous gift. It is very important for me to check my blood oxygen level every morning and throughout the day. Thanks to you and ME International, I can do this!

I received a pulse oximeter from you and I’ve been using it every day. It’s been so helpful to understand what’s happening with my body. I’ve been recording the stats to share with my doctor, and I feel so much more confident going in with actual numbers instead of “my heart races when I walk around my house.” Thank you so much for this invaluable resource!

I write in thanks for the pulse oximeter that you sent. I am very happy to have it and to be able to monitor my SpO2 levels and heart rate. … This is such a great program that you put together. I love that someone had an idea that was launched into a program that could help ME patients.
Maria B.

Request an Oximeter

Some highlights of the advocacy done by ME International.

To Government Entities

17 Jan 2022: Letter to the NIH and RECOVER regarding identifying and tracking ME/CFS cases in Long COVID research, with a response from Dr. Walter Koroshetz NIH/NINDS.

05 Nov 2021: Input to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (U.S.) ICD-10 Coordination and Maintenance Committee in response to their wanting to change the ICD coding for ME (G93.3), along with an informative MEI blog.

10 Aug 2021: Input to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (U.S.) in response to The Systematic Review Report for Diagnosis and Treatment of ME/CFS, along with an informative MEI blog.

28 Sep 2020: Letter to Dr. Lucinda Bateman regarding adding ICC information to the U.S. ME/CFS Clinical Coalition’s website; no response received. 

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