One of the primary purposes of our site is to get information into the hands of ME patients and their caregivers. There is a lack of general understanding among both clinicians and patients about how to cope with and treat ME. ME International tracks the latest research and treatment options so you can easily access it.

We have a plethora of information on our site regarding ways the IC Primer recommends diagnosis and treatment.

While it is improving, there still exists a lack of understanding about ME treatment, which is why we have put together some simple handouts for medical professionals.

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Kliniske ressourcer

One of the main complaints we hear from ME patients, is the lack of understanding among the medical community on how to care for ME sufferers. ME is a complex disease that requires highly individualized care, as the severity ranges from mild to very severe where a patient needs around the clock care and feeding tubes. Since there is no universal treatment, clinicians must rely on feedback from the patient to treat symptoms in order to improve the overall quality of life.

MEI believes the International Consensus Criteria is the foundation of an ME diagnosis. The IC Primer that offers treatment guidance can be found HER in a number of languages.

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With the complexity of ME, researchers are still narrowing probable causes and areas for treatment.

From the IC Primer: “The logical way to advance science is to select a relatively homogeneous patient set that can be studied to identify biopathological mechanisms, biomarkers and disease process specific to that patient set, as well as comparing it to other patient sets.”

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