ER Info for People with ME #pwME

This document contains information compiled from patient input and expert documents to assist patients and caregivers in communicating with medical professionals. Detailed medical information can be found in the Myalgic Encephalomyelitis: International Consensus Primer for Medical Practitioners (2012).

Emergency Room Info Sheet 

Anesthesia Information for ME Patients

Note: Due to immune dysfunction, patients with ME may not show a fever during illness. Medical professionals relying on fever to diagnose illnesses like COVID-19 need to be aware of this issue. See more info on a lack of fever within our COVID blog HERE

Here are a couple of questions you may consider asking a hospital or doctors office to avoid a possible psych ward stay (originally used by Prof. Steven Lubet in a letter to Hennepin Healthcare):

  • Does [Institution Name] have written guidelines, procedures, or protocols regarding the referral of patients for involuntary psychiatric commitment? If so, kindly provide me with a copy, or direct me to a website where they are accessible.
  • Have any [Institution Name] physicians or other professionals participated, within the past five years, in CME courses or in-service training regarding ME? If so, kindly provide me with any materials for such CME or training, or direct me to a website where information is available.
    ​Note: CME = continuing medical education
  • Are there any physicians or other professionals on staff at [Institution Name] who specialize in ME? If so, kindly provide me with their names and contact information.
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